Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Conflict and Confusion

Whenever confused, seek clarity.
Whenever conflicted, seek peace.

When we are caught in the maelstrom of human emotion, seeking the right and wrong, we look for back and white judgments, finding fault and feeling guilt. Time to take some time to find peace inside, before casting our opinion on others.

Understanding follows peace.
First, we must forgive our fears, judgments and opinions.
First, we must let go of our separate needs and desires.
First, we must trust in a Higher Good for All concerned.

Only when we are calm, trusting and at peace can we perceive the good and the blessing in all things.

Yes, we make mistakes.
Yes, there are errors in consciousness and unconsciousness.
Yes, we sometimes do things that seem to hurt others.
Yes, we may get caught in our own projections of fear and pain.

All can be forgiven and healed.
All can be returned to love and gratitude.
All can find their way to the light of Good.
All can realize the Love in us together.

Fighting, blaming, feeling guilty, holding resentment, all are a waste of energy.
Peace is the opening of the flow to heal all things and behold the Love of God.

Let us begin with ourselves,
Betty Lue