Monday, March 19, 2007

Where Is Your Life Leading?

Are you going for the reward at the end of the journey?
Are you enjoying the experiences along the way?
Are you impatient to get home again?
Are you stopping and lingering with special people and places?

Are your trusting it all holds a gift for you?
Are you blessing every step you take?
Do you see the sacred and the profound in the simple moments?
Are you a gift giving itself generously?

Are you a needy hungry child waiting to be fed and patted on the head?
Are you in search of Camelot or the Holy Grail?
Are you waiting for the Messiah to lead you out f the wilderness?
Are you feeling entitled to be clothed and fed without sharing your Self?

Is there more to life than what you know?
Is there a happiness beyond momentary plaeasure and pain?
Are you seeking gains that can be lost again?
Are you attached to holding one special time or person in place?

What happens if you let go and trust that love is enough?
What happens if you see it all as gift to be received ad joyously given?
What will be when you see it is all abundantly here right now?
What if you could simply appreciate everyone and everything as it is?

Life is for giving.
You are the gift.
This is your life.
Enjoy each precious present moment.

When you are glad, you give freely to source, to Self and to All Comes your way.

Make today your day of Thanks Giving..
Loving and appreciating You and Now and All,
Betty Lue

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