Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Playing with Life

When life is play, there is no harm, no judgment and no regret about seeming failures or missed opportunities.
When life is a game, there are no losers.
When life invites joy and gratitude for everything that comes our way, we simply smile and fully experience what is.
When our judging mind is set aside, we can sit back and appreciate whatever comes our way.

One of my favorite phrases is: "This is interesting." It invites natural curiosity and leaves out evaluation.
With all the travel glitches, airports closed, flights cancelled, changing airlines, 3 hour delays and then a scheduled layover overnight in Chicago, I simply acknowledged "I really want to be home" to the agent on the customer service line.
I suggested they route me into Oakland airport instead of San Francisco late Monday night.
With courtesy and respect, rather than impatience and insistence, I was given a first class seat.
My trip home was easy, quiet and comfortable.

Life enjoyed and responded to with appreciation is its own reward.

Loving life and its interesting experiences and opportunities to grow in love and gratitude,
Betty Lue

I want to thank my friends in Kalamazoo, MI.

What a joy it continues to be to return to these wonderful spiritual travelers, where we all have committed ourselves to learning from life, to remembering Love is our True Identity and Happiness is our path. Each and every relationship reminds me to see more clearly the holiness in everyone and to love more purely the perfection in all.
Life is a joy for those who are filled with gratitude.

Betty Lue