Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Be Flexible and Yielding

Different times require different responses.

The most flexible among us often experiences the greatest success, ease and happiness.
When we are stuck and stubborn, rigid in our responses to life, we often get bumped the most.
The tougher and more righteous we are, the more we meet with resistance.
Learning to respond with "Thank You for caring and for sharing" can give the other enough to let go.

So how do we become willing to be flexible?
Choose to be willing.
Recognize we can only win when no one loses.
Be willing to state your position, once effectively, and then let it go and listen.
Give up arguing for all time.
Making another wrong builds resentment and pay back.
Learn that everyone's perspective is the compilation of their life experiences.
Notice that the truth is in the mind of the believer.
Let go of fear and trust in Love.
Forgive yourself and others for their judgments, opinions, and negativity.
Believe in the Power of Love, Freedom and Trust.
Give everyone the opportunity to be heard and respected.
Be confident in the part you play.
Take nothing personally.
When you have nothing good to say, say nothing.
Keep your eye and mind on the highest outcome for all concerned.
Let Goodness, Kindness and Respect lead the way.

Enough for today.

Loving you in being open and willing,
Betty Lue