Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Light Is In You Now!

The joy of your innocence shines through, when you have forgiven and wholly loved you.
We may be like garbage collectors who have forgotten to take it to the dump.
We may be like "Pigpen", collecting the negativity in the world and forgetting to take a shower.
We may be an empathy who takes on others' pain to heal it in ourselves.
We may be self medicating with numbing substances to hide the inner fears and suffering.

Whatever may be the dim paths we have tried, nothing can erase the Light inside.

Look within to see what is there.
Where you find clutter, clean it out and get clear.
See what you have judged in dark corners of your mind.
When you have forgiven, only Light will you find.

The only mistake we ever make, is when we forget to Love.
The only correction we need to do is stop withholding the Love we are.
So we can be honest and true.

In Love we are created,
By the Love of God.
Love is our life work,
The path on which we trod.

Love is our guide.
It will set us free.
Love brings healing laughter.
In love we're meant to be.

Sounds simple, but it is true.
In love we need to live.
It will always light our way.

Loving you on this and ever holy day,
Betty Lue

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Every child deserve to be loved and adored like this.