Friday, November 10, 2006

Tough on Yourself and Others

Are you gentle with yourself?
Are you kind to others?
Do you treat yourself with care?
Do you make yourself tough?

In this world of powerful, frightening and often violent images, it s appears we need to be strong.
I see parents treat their children with violent words and phrases.
I note that even cartoons are full of fighting to the end.
On the highways, in stores, even our phone and text messages are often demanding, rude and crude.

Where is the gentility of Mr Rogers?
Where is the kindness of an angel?
Where is the forgiveness of Jesus?
Where is the gentleness of a special blanket?

Now we need to soften our approach to everyone, beginning first with ourselves.
Now we must speak with respect to our children and everyone we meet.
Now we need to stop saying negative and critical remarks behind someone's back.
Now we must remember who we treat others is how they will treat us and our families.

We are teaching the world.
We are setting the tone of the future for our children.
We are needing to heal what is frightening for us all.
We are calling for a spiritual revolution.

Turn off the violence inside and out.
Stop the words of hatred and anger.
Choose to only watch what is positive, creative and hopeful.
Give our children the ease and safety they deserve.

Time for gentleness, kindness and ease.
Betty Lue

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How can anyone be unhappy with this much JOY IN YOUR LIFE?