Friday, November 03, 2006

Sleep or no Sleep?

Full Moon on Sunday early AM.
Sometimes full moon leaves us restless sometimes tired, sometimes, cranky, sometimes happy.
Pick your experience and the full moon intensifies whatever is present.
So deal with whatever comes up.
Life is not about avoiding what is, but by embracing it with acceptance, compassion, gratitude and healing.

Someone asked how to balance their live recently , perhaps because we are so out of nature, living opposite what is natural for human beings that we have forgotten.
Our human needs are survival, safety, socialization, achievement, and actualization.

Handle first things first.
Take care of your own life first.
Then take care of your own home and family, before you start caring for others.
Often I see people leaving their home or family a mess and then going out to save the world.

My bed is made every early AM.
Meals are prepared from scratch and the dishes are done before we leave home.
Bills are paid early and thank you's given.
Phone calls and correspondence are answered within 24 hours.
We work with those who choose to work with us.
We do not solicit, but rather trust in the spiritual law of attraction.
We give to what supports healing, growth and Goodness on the planet.
Our lives are full, content and inspired by everything we choose to do.
The glitches which appear on the screen of living and loving abundantly are “Wake up” calls to inspire us to forgive, choose again.

Do only what you love.
And if you are going to do it anyway, find a way to love it.

Pick a purpose statement: (For example: I am here to live and give love, honesty and joy.)
Then note all your activities, your words, ideas, agreements, both public and private.
Make sure every word, activity and agreement support your life purpose.
Review regularly to ensure you are being true to what is true for you.

Life works when you do the Work!
Loving you,
Betty Lue