Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Looking Forward

Expecting our Grandson today.
With the grandchildren while Mom and Dad are birth
ing with ease.
Remember , best way to reach me easily and quickly is always 800-919-2392 #.
Only at my computer early AM and late in evening.

If you are living, look at where you are going.
If you are dying you can look back at where you have been.

The living must look ahead to see where there are going and growing.
To walk backwards watching your back, will make it must more likely to fall in a hole.

To create your future is more proactive than trying to heal your past.
Some believe if you have not healed your past, you will reapeat it.
I have experienced where you are fearing your past, you will most likely repeat it.

We do give our lives the meaning and the messages they have for us.

Some prefer the familiarity of the old comfortable past problems and pain.
Some prefer to walk into the unknown with hope, curiosity and enthusiasm.

I take my chances that tomorrow will be better than today.
I walk forward into the future rather than backwards remembering the past.
I create with my gratitude and forgive along the way.
I enjoy what I am teaching and learning, giving and receiving.
I laugh at the fears and applaud the spontaneity.
I ask for the help I need and feel blessed by the help that is given.
Life works because I trust it is working.

Loving you, Betty Lue
We are waiting for our baby brother to be born today.