Monday, October 23, 2006

Truth May Hurt

Where we resist, truth sometimes hurts.
Where we are attached to our beliefs, it may hurt to hear the truth.
Where we believe our perception is correct, another viewpoint may cause discomfort.
However, all truth can set us free.

Remember where we are attached, we are vulnerable.
Where we must be right, we are resisting being wrong.
Where we hold only one perspective, we are unable to see the whole picture.
Where we want agreement, we will avoid differences of opinion.

Whenever you hear what is contrary to your perspective, consider for a moment another viewpoint.
When you are confronted with a "truth" different than your own, stand in the other's shoes.
When you are given another way to see things, consider it as a gift of expanded possibilities.
When you are open to seeing things differently, forgive your limiting beliefs and be willing.

Life is meant to free us from our microscopic view and clouded vista.
Life offers us the freedom to choose how we want to view every situation, communication and option.
Life is an experimental lab in which to discover and reflect on the infinite possibilities.
Life is an Exploratorium in which to experience, enjoy and let go of all judgment and fear.

Truth can be freeing or scary, depending on our judgment of it.
Truth can open us to challenge and growth, or discourage us into withhold and shut down.
Let your truth be told and may it be hears.
Let others truth be told and may we hear it.

Let us celebrate the sharing of divergent viewpoints and know it is all Good.

Loving you, no matter what.
Betty Lue