Saturday, October 21, 2006

Say "YES!"

Saying "Yes" to life, increases your joy, energy and enthusiasm.
Saying "Yes" affirms that life works for you and those around you.
Saying "Yes" is a decree that you are on the side of God.
Saying "Yes" is a declaration of our unity with everyone and Al That Is.

We need to say "No" only when what is asked and invited may do harm.
We need to say "No" when others may be hurt, offended, contracted with fear.
We need to say "No" when there is martyrdom which engenders guilt or hostility.
We need to say "No" when we may incur negative payback for ourselves or others.

Saying "Yes" to what is asked or offered is an acknowledgment that the blessings already are.
Saying "Yes" to Love in all its forms is receiving and expanding the blessings of others.
Saying "Yes" to possibilities opens the door to what is highest and best to all concerned.
Saying "Yes" invites participation and collaboration from those around you.

Some of us have learned to first say "No" or " I don't know" and then evaluate its worth.
This tends to shut down the contributor and the generosity that is flowing.
Some of us have learned to question the motives of those who give and share.
Our doubt inter-fears with what is being given, often polluting their consciousness.

When we say "Yes" to the innocent child who offers to help, we are encouraging helpfulness.
When we say "Yes" to the request to help us, we are encouraging the world to be thoughtful.
When we say "Yes" to the salesperson who is earning their way, we are affirming their success.
When we say "Yes" to our own inner ideas, we are inviting increased creativity and expansive thinking.

(We don't need to buy, do, eat and wear what is offered.
We do need to be grateful for the giver's desire to give.)

In our YES we are receiving the gift of the One who is offering .
In our Yes we are affirming the Abundance of the Universe.
In our Yes, we are erasing, doubt, fear and distrust.
In our Yes, we are joining with the higher purpose of giving.

Can you gracefully value and acknowledge what is being invited, without claiming the gift being shared?
Right now I need your help to ……….
Right now I would love you to help me by giving me ………..
Right now your best way to support me is….
Thank you for being so kind as to …………

When we can truly respond with what is highest and best for us, knowing and affirming it is best for the other, everyone wins.
Everyone is happy.
Everyone feels blessed.

Loving you,
Betty Lue