Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Do you interrupt yourself?
Do you interrupt others?
Do you allow interruptions to your natural flow?
Do you stop others from flowing with what is true for them?

In many traditions, there is such respect for one another that there is a traditional way you create conscious connection. When speaking with an elder, you always ask permission before entering their space. Gratitude is given before anything is asked. Gratitude is given when the answer is received.

In many cultures, there is no noise, no conversation unless the words have great import and meaning.
Silence is preferred because it allows each individual to listen to their own inner voice and really hear.
Silence is the gift of the universe because it grants us creative freedom in which to express our love song.
Silence is the gift of respect people given to the Creator. Unless we have blessing to add, words are a meaningless distraction.

Stories are told by conscious beings to create a lesson, to offer a truth.
Stories are filled with messages designed to create an outcome or new awareness of the listener.
Stories are ways of inspiring and uplifting ourselves and others.
Stories are methods of entertaining and engendering laughter and a sense of community.

In our culture phones, media, text messaging, written words are often created as a distraction.
We seem to fill our minds with meaningless and often painful stories of victimization, pain and pleasure.
Interruptions are expected and sometimes desired to take us away from our negative inner dialogue.
Distraction, detour and delay are encouraged so we cannot take responsibility for the result of our unconscious choices.

We interrupt ourselves with infinite details, conflicting possibilities, stories of guilt and blame, and acting out the endless list of inconsequential tasks. The natural flow of chi, the life force and energy of creation is interrupted with doubts, questions, "yes, but's", creating confusion and uncertainty.
Interruptions are a habit of mind.
Interruptions come from our own doubting and interrupting mental habits.
Interruptions interfere with connection, communication, consciousness, choice and clarity of focus.

Today, Make is a new practice to stop interrupting yourself. When you are eating, eat with gratitude, focused on fully ingesting and enjoying the food. No phones, no distracting thoughts or words.

When you are conversing, make it a new practice to really listen to the other without assuming you know, second guessing, questioning or making up what you want to say in response. When there is a pause, it is appropriate to take a breath, a moment of reflection to listen within to what is the highest and best response.

All communication is for the goal of connecting and coming to Love. All communication is for the purpose of joining as one. The calling of all communication is to join in the co-creation of wholeness, goodness and beauty. When our communication leads us to create dis-ease, un-peace, yucky stuff and ugly thoughts and feelings, we are disconnecting from Self and from Source.

May I always respect my time and yours as we together and individually create with out thoughts and words a better more happy and loving world,
Betty Lue

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