Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Giving is Everything!

"To Spirit, Getting is Meaningless and Giving is All." ACIM

When we are getting, we are acknowledging that we are poor, limited and lacking.
When we are needy, we are teaching our world that we are inadequate and dependent.
When we feel lacking, we are listening to our ego and false messages that contract our energy.
When we feel helpless, we may seek to manipulate and control others to get love, approval and support.

Giving to get is conditional on getting what we want.
Being needy separates us from the natural abundance in our world.
Feeling little, lacking and limited guarantees lack of confidence, creativity and commitment.
Acting helpless and complaining controls others with feelings of pity, sympathy and guilt.

"Giving All to All to Have All" is True Giving with no conditions.
Giving All is having no expectation on return.
Giving All is with no withholds.
Giving All is without specialness.
Giving All is knowing we are giving to the One.
Giving All is a gift to ourselves.
Giving All is priming the pump.
Giving All is opening the flow.
Giving All is trusting in natural Abundance.
Giving All is affirming prosperity.
Giving All is receiving and giving All Good.
Giving All is pure Joy.
Giving All is a condition of innocence.
Giving All is knowing Source is Infinite.

Give at least 10% to the Source of your Good as an affirmation of your gratitude.
Give Gratitude daily to the Source and reSource of your Good to increase the flow.
Give abundantly to people and places who receive, honor and utilize your gifts for the Good of All.
Give freely to your Source of inspiration, enlightenment and fulfillment.

Give to what inspires you and you will be more inspired.
Give to what enlightens you and you will be more enlightened.
Give to what encourages you and you will feel more encouraged.
Give to what reminds you and you will be more remembering.

Give to what you are increasing, affirming, acknowledging and creating your world to be.
Give steadfastly of your time, energy, resources, gratitude and finances.
And know you are creating a world of Goodness, Gratitude, Prosperity and Joy!

Loving you,
Betty Lue