Saturday, September 23, 2006

Loving All Equally

Are you loving the ones you are sent?
Are you loving the one you are?
Are you loving the ones you live with?
Are you loving those who come your way?

Everyone along our path is ours to Love, to Serve, to remember God.
Our holy work is to love each one with the best we have.

Yes, no more yelling.
No more unkind thoughts.
No more criticizing.
No more regrets or resentments.

Loving yourself equally means that you serve yourself the best with kindness and trust.
Loving others equally means that you serve them with genuine compassion and authenticity.
Loving others equally in work and home, for a lifetime or a day, means each word, each deed.
The language of loves sees the world with forgiving eyes and gives the Love of Trust and Freedom.

When we can fully love everyone, we come to know the Love of God.
When we truly forgive everyone and everything, we come to know the Peace of God.
When we can really see the Good within it all, we come to know the Joy of God.
Life is leading us to see the face of God and live in the heart of God.

Let us Love, each day, in every way.
May peace be our theme to think and speak and demonstrate.
May smiles, kind words and loving touch be your reminders.

Loving All as One,
Betty Lue

Today we pack our condo in the hills where we have lived for almost 3 years.
We sign the lease on our new home within walking distance of our
Center for Conscious Living.
We clean, measure walls for furniture placeme
nt, functional utilization and organization.
We make birthday cake (choc+ choc) and design a beach scene on the icing for Gia's party tomorrow,
plus create a "Pin the Tail on a Whale" game, and prep for face painting and other games for 8 year old girls.
See clients later today and love it all with the joy that comes from Loving All Equally.

Everyday is filled with loving surprises, miracles and reminders.