Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Love Attracts

Love Attracts Everything Unlike Itself for Healing.
Is it possible that loving kindness can be misunderstood?
Is it possible that the innocent can experience abuse?
Is it possible to love someone who doesn't love you in return?

Why would anyone hurt or falsely accuse those who are good, happy and loving?
Why would anyone reject the Love of a giving, genuine and compassionate soul?
Every relationship calls us to heal what is unhealed in one another.

Those who are innocent and loving are the most likely to forgive and do the healing work needed.
Those who are loving and giving are the most likely to keep on loving no matter what happens.
Those who are loving are the most able to see the needs for love in those who are hurting.
Those who are loving are so filled with the Spiritual Love within they can give fully and freely.

We all know stories of martyrs and spiritual leaders who are assassinated, crucified or exiled.
Many of us have experienced being martyred, falsely accused and sent away.
Sometimes we are hurt, frightened, confused or bemused, but mostly we respond with forgiveness.
We all know stories of innocent children being victims of passionate and sick crime.
Wounded and misguided beings on some unconscious level seek to be forgiven and redeemed.

Our world consists of those who love unconditionally, those who know God and Good, those who trust.
Perhaps the majority appear to be those who love conditionally with expectations,
those who see the sins and mistakes of themselves and others and those who are suspicious and limiting.

In every relationship we are here to heal one another, to believe and perceive the Goodness within.
In every relationship we are here to be truly helpful, preferably having been asked and invited.
In every relationship we are here to recognize, forgive and heal the learned blocks to freely loving.
In every relationship we are to notice our own judgments, fears and withholds and release them.

Love heals.
Love brings peace.
Love makes whole.
Love sees Holiness.
Love is God in action.
Love invites Goodness.

From a place of loving oneself wholly as we are, one can be forgiving and loving of others as they are.
From a space of knowing the Presence of Love, one can extend that Love to others without expectation.
From healing and erasing the errant programming of human minds, one can reach out with Love.
From connection with God, experiencing unconditional and all-inclusive Love, One can love All as One.

Life is a circle with Love being the Center and unifying force. We come from Love and return to Love.
In remembering to Love, we return to our natural state of Abundance, Wholeness, Joy and Inner Peace.

May we remember this circle is unbroken.
We are here only to Love One another as we love ourselves.
Betty Lue