Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Do I Care Too Much?

I can feel your pain.
I can see your tears.
I can know great love.
I can hear your fears.

Somehow in the midst of the anxiety and anguish of humanity, I must know the Peace of God.
When I see the separation, the depression, the abuse, I must remain at peace.
It is only in the inner realm, where I remember "All is well." , that I can give compassion and wisdom.
In my oneness with all beings, I can know their suffering.
But from this place of pain, I am immobilized, hurt and weak.
Only when I can return to peace, the place where I know Goodness waits for welcome, can I truly do my part and realize the trust and freedom that heals.

My part is not to pass on the pain with words that hurt.
My part is to heal the pain within me and deliver words that heal.
My part is not to suffer and leave guilt in its wake.
My part is to cast the spell of love that only true forgiveness gives.
My part is not to sit in silence, withholding the part I play.
My part is to give the best I have now in every way.
My part is not to shrink back in fear.
My part is to clear the way for communication and appreciation.
My part is not to pass judgment.
My part is to shine my light on what is and recognize the love within.

Everyone seeks to love and be loved.
Everyone longs to feel safe and belong.
Everyone hopes for peace and joy inside.
Everyone wants to be heard and affirmed.

My part is to awaken and be glad I can play my part wholly and holy.

Playing my part, (even if sometime it smarts!),
Betty Lue