Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Live Your Purpose

Birthday Reminders written on the eve of my birth day.
(Yes, I chose to return to love you and me and Life Itself.)

To be happy, live on purpose.
Make your life matter by following what you believe.
Teach what you want to remember.
Love everyone equally, all the time.
Heal the parts of you that are stuck in the past.
Let go of whatever no longer serves you.
If it is in your field of vision, it is yours to heal.
Be patient with your learning and healing process.
Give generously with no strings attached.
Believe in yourself.
Never quit on love and loving.
Always give for the joy of giving.
Be fully honest with yourself.
Never gossip.
Know there are no secrets.
If you are thinking it, others hear you.
Build your ideal world from inside out.
Paint the picture in your mind and then see the world the way you prefer.
Invite into your world those who love, respect and support you.
Be true to yourself.
Be real.
Know that feelings pass and judgments fade with love.
Make everyday special.
Erase what is not wholly true and loving.
Keep no diaries of your pain, unless you want to memorialize them.
Remember always that you are precious to y our Creator.
Receive only the Goodness you are given.
Flush the "gazoobies" down the cosmic toilet.
Life is too short to wait for joy and love. Enjoy now and love it all.
Gratitude is the fastest way to healing.
Be free with your unconditional love.
Serve from your heart (never from threat or obligation).
Remember always God and Good.

You are that which you see, so see only the Goodness, Holiness and Beauty in All That Is.
Betty Lue