Saturday, July 15, 2006

Too Much or Too Little?

Do you recognize when too much is too much?
Is there effort, competition, push or striving?
Or is there ease, support, flow and willingness?

Do you realize when too little is being given?
Is there withhold, fear, judgment and conditionality?
Or is there generosity, forgiveness, appreciation and joyful giving?

With attention to our experience, we can know when we withhold the flow.
With consciousness of the moment, we can feel when we are trying to get our way.

To allow what is to be is key.
To free our energies to see what is asks only that we let go of needing to know the outcome.
To appreciate our willingness to be fully Present, in Love, empowers what is to heal and be.

Life asks that we be here now, celebrating each moment as it is.
Nothing to do…except see and free all the blocks to fully being here in Love, as we truly Are.

Loving you, loving me, as we all choose to Be,
Betty Lue

Miss So So (Sofia, Gia, 8 mo. old sister) loves her Grandpa Robert.
PS He is the one who takes most of these delightful photos.

Watch children at play and rest, simply being.

They take in what gives them pleasure.

They move away from what hurts or depletes their energy.
They love, laugh, learn and let go easily moving on to the next moment.

Be as a child, happy and free,expressive and authentic, giving and receiving Love.

Betty Lue