Saturday, July 22, 2006

To Us or Through Us?

The world happens to us.
God works through us.

God does not make things happen to us.
God does not stop things from happening.

Our perceived world is a product of mass consciousness and unconsciousness.
How we respond to our perceived world is our choice.

When we live with fear, we limit our range of vision and possibility.
When we live in faith, we expand our vision and open to the Infinite.

By opening to All That Is, we invite and allow guidance from Spirit.
With trust in God, we listen with our hearts and let love lead the way.

God works through us, guiding us to flow around obstacles.
God works through us, giving us opportunities to strengthen our faith.
God works through us, to share spiritual messages as we receive them.
God works through us, to forgive, trust and choose again.

Life is ours to use.
Life is to heal our faulty thinking.
Life is to clear the blocks to Love.
Life is to enjoy and create Good.

Our prayer is for listening to the voice within.
Our prayer is to forgive our self made limitations.
Our prayer is for the courage to live our faith.
Our prayer is to praise the Goodness that is ours.

Our choice is to give our best for the Good of All.
Our choice is to give Voice to what God has given us.
Our choice is to honor God by living with joy and inner peace.
Our choice is to enjoy what is ours and give full appreciation.

May God and His messages live in our thoughts, our words and our everyday lives,
Betty Lue

Are you this happy being alive?
Lila is now 14 months.
She is a beautiful teacher of how to let Goodness work through us.
Find a way to be happy. Judge no one. Listen with your heart.