Thursday, July 13, 2006

Healing Tools

Changing Your Mind Changes Your Life

When the mind gets stuck on a belief a thought, belief or perception, our inner light (life force) shines through the belief and projects it onto our emotions, our body, our relationships, our job and finances. Literally, what we believe is out-pictured in what we experience.

When the mind is given (learns, hears, empathically takes on) a belief at birth, it begins to accumulate evidence that what it hears is true. False Evidence Appearing Real=FEAR. The mind gathers information to prove itself right, thus building a case to continue the limiting belief and limiting life experience.

When you look at your life, what do you see?
When you shine a clarifying light on your life patterns, what repeats itself and/or stays around is the faulty and limiting belief which you are here to forgive, clear and heal for all generations, past, present and future.

We are the conscious healers of our time,
here to be truly helpful in releasing humanity from the errors of our thinking, judging, misperceiving, and believing.

What do you use to do the work?
Are you too lazy, too afraid, hurt, angry or blind to know what to do?
Have you allowed what is untrue, unloving and unwise to take over for you?
Forgive and Choose again.
It is your mission, if you choose to accept it, to heal what is not real.
-To love, not leave your ego.
-To surrender to the power and presence of Love and Goodness in You.
-To be a happy willing learner in embrace and love fear into nothingness.
-To practice daily whatever spiritual tools are best for you.

Take your choice and add your own to this powerful healing and freeing list.

When you are stuck, limited, judging and fearful, what do you use?
Denial: Nothing and no one can limit or harm me. I am free.
Forgiveness: I forgive, erase, undo and relinquish all limitation, lack and littleness. I am free.
Declaration: I declare I am unlimited and free, as God created me. And this is all my mind obeys.
Affirmation: My mind automatically erases everything that is not wholly loving, unlimited and true.
Inspired choice: I listen within and choose for the Highest Good.
Gratitude: Everything I appreciate increases the Good in my life.
Trust: I trust all is well and so it is.

There are many tools for healing, clearing, undoing and erasing past false learning and programming, patterns and beliefs.
The real work is to USE them consistently.
I invite you to take charge of your mind and your life.
What you believe you see and make so in your life.
Be wise in choosing only those beliefs which create more goodness, wholeness and Love in your life.

Together in Love,
Betty Lue