Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fun, Safe and Easy Relationships

Monday Night Relationships Coaching Circle is receiving a lesson each week to encourage practicing a helpful loving reminder in their relationships. I offer this one for your consideration.

Before understanding comes Peace.
Relationships will be fun, safe and easy, when you are peaceful.
To be peaceful, you must be true to yourself.
Sacrifice yields inner conflict with expected reciprocation and resentment.
True integrity, taking care One Self, yields inner peace.

When we are taking full responsibility for our own happiness,
When we are living on purpose and following our heart,
When we are in love and happy with our lives,
We are peaceful.
When we are peaceful, happy and true to ourselves,
What others are doing, is simply that, what they are doing.
There is no upset, no expectation, no demand or threat, no need to have others conform to our needs.

Every upset is simply a wakeup call, telling us we are off path, not on purpose and out of integrity.
Peace comes from living our own life according to our inner guidance, following our heart.
Only when we are at peace, not judging, blaming, hurting or afraid, can we fully understand another.
Only when we are really loving ourselves and true to our purpose, are we at peace with others.
Only when we let go of sacrifice, trying to get Love, and being dependent, can we fully unite.
Only when we are make peace inside, can we be peaceful outside with those in our lives.

All work in relationships is an inside job.
First find inner peace, be at one with yourself.
Then you will experience easy healing and freeing love for others.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Yes, this means giving up specialness, neediness, dependency, comparison, assumptions and expectation.
Yes, this means honoring your own needs and filling them with the guidance and help of Spirit.

The new Relationships Coaching Circle will begin on Wednesday evening September 13 at 7:15 PM.
You are invited to attend for the whole 10 week series or drop in when you are available.
Your investment is $25/week or $200 paid in advance for the series.