Tuesday, June 06, 2006

No Conscious Commitment

If you have no mission, no life purpose, no inspired direction, how can you be successful?
If you are in the sea of life with no paddle, no compass and no rudder, where can you go?
If you are adrift, at the effect, purposeless, a survivor in life, how can you be confident?
To be successful, you must commit to something.

Commitment yields success.
Partial or periodic commitment yields periodic and partial success.
Total commitment yields total success.

In a culture of commitment phobia, there is a tendency to hesitate, to doubt and withhold.
With a history of hurt, humiliation and dependency, there is motivation to wait and do little.
Without giving, there is little chance of receiving.
Without committing there is less likelihood of true success at anything.

Consider committing to the highest Good in all things.
Commitment to God is the same as your commitment to yourself.
If one is lacking, the other will be as well.
Commitment to one's partner cannot be anymore authentic than one's commitment to oneself.

When our commitments to our physical well-being, finances, marriage, job, parents are in conflict,
our energy is dissipated and no one gets our best.
When we are living and giving with limitation and lack in one area, all areas lose.

Being committed truly means giving your all all the time.
Being committed means to put your whole self into your commitment.
Being committed means to choose to recognize and release all blocks and limitation.
Being committed means never quitting.
Being committed is a gift we give our selves and our creator of a life well lived.

If you want to really commit, put your commitments in all areas down on paper.
Clear and correct anyplace where your commitments are oppositional or not in alignment.
Declare the one overriding commitment that covers them all.
Name and claim, daring to challenge yourself by living your commitment totally at all times.

If you find resistance, you might want to ask what benefit do you get from being limited?
What benefit do you get from not being successful?
What is the gift to you in not wholeheartedly committing?
You may be surprised are the answer.

Loving you,
Committed to our awakening and inspired living,
Betty Lue

Gia had a school play and held her baby sister for Grandpa