Sunday, May 28, 2006


Tired and happy to be home 19 hour flight time, laundry done, Robert is the guest Minister at his Mom’s church today, local theater this PM, enjoying our own bed and glad to be at the keyboard sharing with YOU! Betty Lue

What do you remember?
On this our Memorial Day, what do you remember?
Whom do you keep in your mind and heart?
It is usual to give our thoughts to those who have fought for our freedom
I also give my thoughts to those who are free, free in thought, word and deed.
I give my attention to the visionaries, pioneers, builders and doers, the worker-bees who have given to all.
I honor my ancestors and fore fathers, all peoples who have endured and cooperated and created.
Let us give homage and love to everyone without judging their contributions.
When you go on vacation, you vacate the usual and leave the everyday stuff behind.
When you leave, you have the opportunity to learn and grow or vegetate and relax.
When you go away, you can free yourself or be burdened with fear and need to control.
When you travel, you can go with the flow or be frustrated and besieged with anxiety.
I choose to practice what I teach everywhere.
I am here to be truly helpful.
Whether at home or away, I continue to practice being loving, helpful, peaceful and happy.
(And Yes, I learned many things as usual from my experiences.)

What you remember when you are away reminds you of what really matters to you.
When you go on vacation, you have the chance to forgive and choose again.
When you go on vacation, your can judge, compare and dare to be discontent or just enjoy what is.
The challenges of vacation come when we expect perfection and find ourselves judging.
I love the invitation to simply accept what is without projecting my judgments on life.
I love the opportunity to accept my role as "well" of peace and simple assurance.
I love being new with every one and noticing how much love can do.

I care most about remembering Love.
Love is my natural state.
When I have forgotten to Love, something has gone wrong.

On vacation, when we leave what is expected, scheduled and planned, we have an opportunity to choose.
What I choose to remember is to be grateful for the Good in my life.
What I choose to remember are all those I love and who love me.
What I choose to remember is how much I love to listen within and create.
What I choose to remember in quiet moments before sleep or early AM are those who have loved well.
What I choose to remember are the good times, the loving expressions, the opportunities to enjoy life.
What I choose to remember is how blessed we are to live where I do, always able and willing to love you.

I missed creating these reminders and communicating with you.
I missed music and the company of mindful beings.
I missed coaching and counseling with my friends and spiritual family.
The babies gave my great joy and being with the simplicity of our life.
However, there is happy work to adapting to new ways to wash and dry clothes, to cooking with limited foods, to having no car, to limited language to share, two babies to prepare foods for, carry and needing help to walk and more.
But there was always the opportunity to smile, say Thank you and to give a blessing.

I love you,
Betty Lue