Saturday, May 13, 2006

I Love My Life

I love my life and my life loves me.
I am blessed, as I bless everyone I see.
My life works and yours can, too.
Give yourself to Love and Love will give to You.

How can you join me?
Take a moment to love what you see.
Open your mind and let yourself be.
Reach out with love, a hug or a smile.
Give those you encounter your best for awhile.

You can be busy accomplishing things.
Give yourself to what makes your heart sing.
Just do what you love and love what you do.
Then your whole life will always love you.

Everything you see is a product of your imagination.
So observe your creation with full appreciation.
And if you find it all too much or too little,
Change your perspective for a new point of view.

Forgiveness and gratitude
Are truly the key.
Forgive what you don’t want,
And let the rest be.

How Can You Help Me?
Give freely to what inspires you.
To Thine own Holy Self always be true.
Take time daily for a Divine appointment to listen within.
Walk around in life with a big silly grin of contentment and peace.
Give thanks and praise, time, energy and money to what you love.
Where you give attention, you increase that to which you give.
Eliminate negative thinking, wrongful speaking and unhealthy living.
Know you are blessing everyone everywhere with your positive changes.
I join with you, wherever you are serving the Highest Good for All.

Loving you mightily,
Ever True B'Lue

We are gone to Spain with the babies and their parents for two weeks, May 14-28.
No email or phone access. Call 415-613-2352 if urgency. Or Holly Hand at 925-932-8232

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June 7, Wednesdays, Healthy Living: Basics of Naturally Healthy Lifestyle, 7-8:30PM
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