Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What I Do, I Do for Love!

Whatever I do, I do it with Love.
Whatever I choose, I choose it with Freedom.
Whatever I create, I create it with Joy.
Wherever I go, I go there with Purpose.
Whomever I meet, I engage with Peace.
However I live, I live with Passion.

My life has meaning because I give all of my life meaning.
My life is enjoyable, because I live each day with happiness in my heart.
My life is fulfilling, because I fill it with what makes me full.
My life is forgiving, because I am willing to give and receive the gifts I experience.

Love for me is to live each moment with a conscious intention to give and receive the best.
The rest can be left at the door, so that I can see what is more.
"Give Love and Love will give to You." is true for me, as I live it daily.
"Life is for giving and I am the gift." is true for me, because I believe it and see it.

When there are moments of pain, sorrow and confusion, I seek solace from within.
When life seems to be dark and misunderstanding me, I ask Spirit, "What can I learn?"
Instead of focusing on what I wish the world would do or be, I ask, "What can I do?"
When there seems to be no win/win solution, I simply return to Love and trust.

Everyone is learning here.
We are all learning we can choose or we will lose.
We are learning this is the place we earn our wings to fly up! (Brownies)
We are learning to forgive our fears and let love lead the way.
We are learning, everyone is on a different path all leading the same direction.
We are learning, we can only heal ourselves.
We are learning that each one is part of everyone.
We are learning what we sow, we reap.
We are learning all things can be undone and healed in one holy instant.
We are learning life is a learning laboratory, a temporary school.
We are learning we can love no matter what.
We are learning we are responsible for our own happiness.
We are learning to ingest the best and forget the rest.
We are learning that belief begets experience.
We are learning more than we could ever imagine is possible.

What I do, I do for Love!
All my work is for Love.
My holy encounters are for Love.
My writing, workshops and coaching are for Love.
My time with family is for Love.
My healthy lifestyle is for Love.
My spiritual connection is for Love.
All I do, I do for Love.

Loving You in all I do,
Betty Lue

This summer Robert and I will be offering two groups:
Monday eve -Relationship Coaching Circle
Wednesday eve - Conscious Healing
Beginning the first week in June for 10 weeks.
Still 2 more spaces in our Hawaii retreat this summer.
Get your deposit to me if you are interested, please.