Monday, April 24, 2006

Are you Called?

Is there a place to which you are called to go?
Is there someone with whom you are called to connect?
Is there some activity in which you are being called to engage?
Is there something you are called to create and contribute?

Each one of us has many callings in our lifetime.
Some are projects.
Some are people.
Some are places.
All inspire and energize us.

To give is to receive.
When we are giving what we seek to receive, we create, contribute and have the experience.
When we want more love, we are called to give more love.
If we want more acceptance, we are called to become more accepting.
When we want more honesty, we are called to give more honesty.
When we want more beauty, we are called to create more beauty.
When we want more inspiration, we are called to give more inspiration.

Likewise, if we want no criticism, we are being called to erase criticism from our thoughts and words.
If we want less superficial labeling and diagnosis, we are being called to never label anyone.
If we want more kindness and respect, we are called to consistently offer more kindness and respect.
If we want more forgiveness of mistakes and imperfection, we are called to forgive easily all errors.
We are here to create what is good and healthy and beautiful with our minds and hearts and hands.

The community in which you leave needs you.
What appreciation and helpfulness have you given?
Your family needs you.
What appreciation and kindness have you shared?
Your home needs you.
What cleansing and blessing have you offered?
Your work place needs you.
What gratitude and validation have you extended?
Your friends need you.
What encouragement and support have you offered without condition?

Each one of us is being called to give our best.
We all teach and touch many lives everyday with our thoughts, our words and our lives.
Each one of us is blessed with opportunities to create.
We all are making the world a better place one "peace" of trash at a time.

Do you follow your calling with blessing or curse?
Do you give your best with gratitude or annoyance?
Do your share your gifts with enjoyment or expectation?
Do you extend your peace with consciousness or conditions?

Give yourself to Love and Love with give to you.
Love is all that you think and say and do.
Your Love is enough when you know it is.

Loving you with a heart that is True B’Lue.