Monday, March 13, 2006

Whole Life Perspectives

Yes this reminder took about 12 minutes to write directly onto my computer.
I listened, learned and remembered, just like you.
I do not edit or correct unless I happen to see a missed letter or word.
I share these reminders with you because and Spirit in me and you has invited me to do so.
If you ever wish to be removed from my list, ask.
If you find what is written is not true for you, delete.
If you are upset because you are not living the best way for you, forgive yourself and choose again.
Waste no energy on being angry, guilty or ashamed. Let go with compassion and love yourself well.
I am loving you and me and all in the best way I know. May you simply choose the best way you know.
Betty Lue

I am being called this AM to give a whole life perspective.
Few know life from this vantage point.
You are those who remember and seek to know.

Life on earth is a learning laboratory, like a space station in time.
We are responsible for how we respond to everything we experience.
Our thoughts, emotions and behaviors and those of others create the interactive experience.
One might see this as a test tube where we are both the scientific researchers and guinea pigs.
In our consciousness we can observe and learn what works. In our conscious response-ability we can let go of what doesn't work and repeat and enjoy what does work for us.
In our unconscious we may feel at effect or victimized by our mistakes and/or feel guilty and get stuck.
The key to life's ease and fulfillment is forgiving all mistakes (ours and others) and being grateful.
Appreciation increases everything we value and appreciate.
Gratitude amplifies and adds value.
Our body is a temporary space suit to be used during our walk in space and time.
To keep our body space suit in good repair ensures our pleasure in this learning process.
Some who come are beginners, some are more aware, some are teachers and some are volunteers.
All have something of value to give and receive, teach and learn.
There is no one less or greater, everyone is a integral aspect of the hologram, the whole picture.
God and faith are our best description for what we cannot find with our senses, but know within.
When we feel connected, we remember and are empowered.
When we feel separate, we forget and feel victimized.
Our holy work here is to remember and remind one another by our loving interactions.
Our holy undoing here is to let go of past disconnections and destructive unconsciousness.

Offer no one what might do them harm.
(You don't give a knife to a baby.)
Everyone is in their place of awareness because it is what they can handle successfully.
Wait until you are asked for advice. Most will resist or feel judged incapable.
Offer the best you know. No value in withholding. This may be the only opportunity to give.
Communicate clearly your intention, after you clarify within no selfish motives.
Honor all people with respect and dignity, especially those with whom you live and work.
Give yourself the best in thoughts, words and behavior. Stop self punishment and destructive behavior.
To love is to trust and free. Trust in your intrinsic Goodness and free your creative potential.
Create only goodness, wholeness and love in all things.
When you look on your life, smile with appreciation and know "THIS IS GOOD."

Blessing All with Love,
Betty Lue