Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Peek a Boo!

Here I am again.
Yes, I have been to Michigan teaching, counseling, inspiring, loving and gathering folks 13-18 hour days.
Yes, I have been working non-stop since I came home.
Laundry is usually done within 3 hours of arriving home.
(This time it was finished 48 hours after arrival.)
I have missed my communications with spirit within and sharing them with You.
I have not been taking adequate time to sleep and eat and play.
I realize this morning I need to slow down for a moment or two.

Now what has me needing to rest?
I have judged others for not giving their best.
I have feelings about others taking advantage of my kindness and generosity.
I made mistakes in communication where I gave everything and others didn't value what was given.
I am judging that I made a mistake in trusting others to respect themselves and me in giving their best.

What is needed now to reclaim my full energy and commitment with no regret?
I forgive my judgments.
I totally forgive myself for allowing myself to feel bad.
I forgive myself for trying to understand what happened.
I choose to remember I must take impeccable care of me to be able to fully care for you.
I commit to always keeping my agreements, taking nothing personally and giving my best.

How do I stay happy and healthy?
I focus on giving my best right now.
I remember I am a gift of Love to be given fully and freely.
I appreciate the gift I am and the opportunity to be of service.
I am kind and compassionate when I make a mistake.
I remember the only mistake I ever make is when I forget to Love.
I choose to Love everyone always, including myself.
I will renew and revitalize today by loving myself and my world in every way.
I now see, feel and express gratitude for it All.

How's this for self disclosure and helpful process!!
Loving you,
Betty Lue