Sunday, March 05, 2006

Glitches, Delays, Miscommunication?

It is fun to find an easy excuse to let go, accept and trust what is. So let's try a favorite, when three times a year when Mercury goes retrograde. Right now it may seem crazy, confusing, broken mechanical stuff, email, contracts, missed appointments, mixups and even traffic seeming messed up…….Try this!

"It's that time again: Mercury turned retrograde on March 2, and will continue its apparent backward journey until the 25th. Better dust off all the standard Mercury-retrograde cautions: Back up computer files and go the extra mile to express yourself clearly. When the Communication Planet is in reverse, it can feel like productivity is in park! But no two retrogrades are the same -- and Mercury's latest move makes this a crucial time to strike new balance.
Mercury retrograde is always cause for introspection -- even more so as it takes place in Pisces, the imaginative final sign of the zodiac. The Fish swim through deep, dreamy waters, so pay close attention to your subconscious cues for the next few weeks. Reason may be particularly obscured, but as typical modes of communication become tricky, we'll all benefit from indulging those creative sides! Of course, the planets love a good curveball: On March 4, Jupiter, ruler of values, also turns retrograde (until July 6). With Jupiter's social aspects highlighted -- and its typical grandeur toned down -- now's the time to realistically reevaluate your belief system: What's crucial to your role in the bigger social picture ... and what's holding you back?
Put it all together, and what do you get? A golden opportunity not only to immerse yourself in your dreams, but also to season them with a pinch of reality."

Taking total responsibility for our experiences may mean being totally able to respond to whatever comes along.

If tired, sick, upset, fearful or angry, responses will be reactive, coming from fear, rather than peace.
If inspired, happy and connected, responses will be forgiving, flowing, listening and accepting.

Whenever life seems to be different than we expect, hope, create and affirm, our work is to let go, and honor flow.
Interruptions and glitches are opportunities to stop and listen within.
Misunderstandings and missed communication are reminders to forgive and communicate clearly.
Broken contracts and agreements are places to respect, rethink and choose again.
Malfunctioning stuff are a place we can give gratitude, choose for greater care and be creative.

Everything that upsets our plans, expectations and assumptions is a wakeup call.
Life is our learning laboratory with mistakes and misperceptions.
We can become more aware, more honest, more present, more forgiving and more peaceful.
We can remember to let Love lead the way to patience, open-mindedness and appreciation.
We can choose to trust the Voice within and be fully present with what is.

Life is a grand teacher.
We are the willing students.
The choice is to learn easily and be happy or with resistance and be miserable.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Babies are happy willing learners.
Now, how do I get in for a nap? I wonder what’s back here. Let’s take a closer look!