Saturday, March 04, 2006

Creation, Maintenance or Destruction

Is you life inspired, creative, moving, expressive and alive?
Is your life supportive, comfortable, complacent, easy and functional?
Is your life in chaos, turmoil, conflicted and falling apart?

Whatever your life may seem to be, you are here to see, accept and participate in the process.
Every moment is yours to respond to, as you will.
Where you judge good, you may attach and want more.
Where you judge bad, you may resist and want to avoid.
Where you judge OK, you may rest and renew your energy.

Both desire for more and resistance may interfere with the natural flow.
Desire for more pushes us to effort and miss appreciation for what is.
Resistance causes us to slow the flow of life.

To be alive is to engage with the life we have.
To be trusting is to let go of fear and doubt.
To be freeing is to understand all things work together for good.
To be loving is to know life is a gift and every moment is an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy.
To be healing is to recognize every relationship is to heal the separation and recognize the One We Are.
To be creative is to forgive all mis-creation and value creating what is good and beautiful and holy for all.

We choose how we experience our lives by how we respond to what we have.
What we have is the gift we have given ourselves to learn our next holy lesson.
What we give is what we have learned from our responses to life.
What we learn is what we see and know when we have forgiven all judgments.
What we are responsible for is everything we have received from which we learn.

Are you learning?
Are you listening?
Are you responding?
Are you appreciating?
Are you giving?
Are you trusting?
Are you healing?
Are you creating?

For those who say, "yes", you are engaged in living.
For those who say, "maybe" you are considering being fully alive.
For those who say, "no", you may be wishing you were not here….

Stop judging and you will see everything differently.
Creative possibilities exist beyond your judging mind.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Coming to Kalamazoo and St. Joseph, Michigan March 16-19 for consultations and workshops.
Let me know if you want to know more to be able to join me there.....Loving you.

You can be happy and content, expressive and alive!