Thursday, March 02, 2006


What does commitment do?
To what or to whom are you committed?

To me, commitment means:
Commitment means never quitting.
Commitment means giving your all.
Commitment means devoting your resources-time, money and energy.
Commitment means mind, body and Spirit.
Commitment means thinking, speaking and living with an intention for fulfillment.
Commitment means knowing, loving and being respectful and responsible.

Commitment is more than an agreement, more than a temporary choice.
Commitment is more than a desire or wish.
Commitment is not conditional on circumstance or changes of mind.
Commitment is with the full understanding of the changing nature of life.
Commitment is unconditional and sincere, sacred and significant.
I choose my commitments according to the inner direction of Spirit.

If commitments were temporary, then it would not be a commitment but a temporary agreement.
Agreements are usually based on what works in the moment.
Agreements can be easily changed or broken, (best done with full communication.)
Most marriages, business partnerships are conditional agreements, to be changed when they no longer suit the parties involved.
Commitments are meant to be lasting and lifetime.
Commitments are often mission and life purpose.
Commitments are best spiritually guided and principle centered.

Are you committed to people or principles?
Are you committed to promises and vision or to actualization and fulfillment?
Are you to today's diet or everyday healthy living?
Are you committed to someone's loving personality or to creating a sustained healing relationship?
Are you committed to achieve today's rewards or always do your best?
Are you committed to following the behaviors of your culture or to living your highest principles?
Are you committed to love when you feel like it or to love your Self, your Source and others with all your heart and mind and soul?

Are you willing to be committed to your calling, your mission and your life purpose or will you follow the path of human desire, limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns?
Life is fun when you are living what you value.
Life is safe when you fear and attack no one and nothing.
Life is easy when you listen to spirit within and follow the high way.

I am committed to love.
I am committed to trust the Good in All That Is.
I am committed to free my thoughts, perceptions and behaviors from limitation, lack and littleness.
I am committed to let love, the Spirit of God and Goodness, lead my life.
I know in this I am loving Source, I am loving Self and I am loving You.

Committed to Love,
Betty Lue

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