Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What is Healing?

Healing is awakening to your wholeness, wellness and holiness.
Healing is releasing dis-ease and lack of peace and claiming inner peace.
Healing is loving oneself enough to find, choose and maintain happiness.
Healing is releasing all the thoughts and images we made for not being OK.
Healing is forgiving the past roles, functions and judgments we laid on ourselves.
Healing is quitting the game of guilt, self punishment and faithless activities.
Healing is letting in the Love of God and for God for the sake of Good.

Curing is fixing what we believe is broken.
Curing is trying to remedy what seems to be wrong.
Curing is taking the advice, therapy and medicine of others to reclaim our health.
Curing is undoing the physical scars of playing in a body.
Curing is going somewhere to get someone to make us whole.

When you have healing needs, where do you go?
When you have an emotional need, seek someone who is forgiving and willing to love and teach love.
When you have a financial need, seek someone who is willing to teach you to forgive, learn and earn.
When you have an environmental need, seek someone who knows your environment and can clear it.
When you have a mental need, seek someone who listens to your thoughts and offers clarity and peace.

When you have a need to know yourself and be true to You, spend time with you, listening and learning.
Write what you hear from within. Journal.
Reflect on your feelings and words. Ask yourself soulful questions.
Be compassionate and caring as you learn how to best love your true self.
Observe your behaviors. Take time to experiment with your physiology.
Breathe more. Stand straighter. Smile at others and in the mirror at yourself.
Appreciate your life and all your creations. even the mistakes and apparent failings.
Enjoy the process of befriending You, the best friend and life partner you can ever have.
No one can ever know you and love you and heal you, as well as you can.
Give time for the healing process, to remember Love and return to wholeness.

Healing begins within.
Healing clears up our self-hatred.
Healing initiates changing our mind about ourselves.
Healing ends past faulty thinking, self criticism and negative beliefs.
Healing takes Self respect and Self responsibility for letting go with no blame or guilt.
Healing frees and empowers us to fully value and enjoy our life journey as spiritual beings.
Healing is the full realization of what is true and eternal about us and our lives.

We can do both.
Healing is from inside out and curing is from outside in.
I am seeing the healing of humanity from within.
Betty Lue