Saturday, January 28, 2006

Higher Purpose or Your Own?

"Use me, Lord. Guide me and direct my way that I might serve the Greater Good for All."

Today and everyday I have committed my life to serve.
Whatever I do and think and say is a teaching for all the Universe.
How I live and give is my legacy.
My life is my ministry and my meaning for living.

It matters not how we pray or even to whom we pray.
It does matter what we pray.
Our prayer is our commitment, our intention, our request for ourselves.
Our prayer is our guiding light, our affirmation and higher vision.

What is your commitment to yourself for your life?
Are you living someone else's dream?
Are you following the mainstream programming?
Are you giving your life to pleasures and passions?
Are you doing what inspires you and encourages healing?
Are you living and giving what is highest and best for all?
Is your path one which has fulfillment and meaning?
Do you feel grateful for being alive?
Are you in love with the life you have chosen?

Is it possible the emptiness you feel may be because you lost your way?
Or maybe you have forgotten who you are and why you came?
Perhaps you think this is all a big mistake and you chose the wrong time and place?
Or could you be punishing yourself for your own unconscious errors and lack of love?

Who knows what you are here for?
What can guide your way?
Who wants you to be happy and at peace?
What gives you hope and inspires your journey?

Are you willing to give your life to loving and respecting the Best in You?
Are you willing to let go of what no longer inspires and blesses your potential?
Are you willing to forgive all mistakes and missed opportunities and begin again?
Are you willing to be open to a new life with new hope and a renewed mind?

Betty Lue

Everyday is a new beginning. Everyday is a happy healing. Everyday offers a sunrise of possibility. Every day is for me to say, "I am willing and I am grateful."
It is dark before the dawn. Keep trusting and be willing.