Thursday, January 26, 2006


Focused friends
Social friends
Companion friends
Comfort friends
Listening friends
Complaining friends
Therapeutic friends
Advising friends
Maternal friends
Playmate friends
Helpful friends
Fair weather friends
Needy friends
Chameleon friends
Competitive friends

Some friends give time.
Some friends give things.
Some friends give hope.
Some friends give help.
Some friends give counsel.
Some friends give love.
Some friends give quiet blessing.
Some friends give space for confessing.

What kind of friend are you?
What kind of friends do you choose?

There are all kinds of friends.
You choose who you want to be with.
You choose how you are with them.
You choose what you give.
You choose what you receive.
You choose.

Be true to yourself and see what friends come and what friends go.
Be true to yourself and notice what kind of friend you are.

You friend in Loving Reminders,
Betty Lue

About my life choices.
While I have always answered my own phones (except for a brief period with volunteer office help), I spend no time social chatting with family or friends. I am rarely idle in speaking, thinking, or activity. My phone lines are used for leaving messages on my #800-919-2392 voicemail/pager and for coaching and setting appointments on my cell #925-324-2409. My home phone is used for business calls, coaching calls, and brief family calls. I simply delete with blessing those emails which are not intentional for the good of all. I trust my inner self to know when and how to respond. To serve the Greater Good is my constant focus. When I spend time with others, there is usually a mutually established intention (even with my life partner Robert. We create our lives from within and share our healing and holy life experience in this place and time.

Intention of these photos of babies is to remind you to live, love, laugh and be happy. Be free in giving yourself the life of love and joy, safety and peace you desire!!
Yup! We are learning to ride our elephant.
What are you learning today?