Monday, January 23, 2006

Can We Love Them All?

Can we love everyone?
Can we celebrate the mystery of life?
Can we bless all the little children?
Can we remember Love heals and reveals?
Can we keep your promise to Love?
Can we remember our agreement to wakeup here?
Can we be the Ones who give what is missing?
Can we hold the faith, when others are afraid?
Can we give what is needed in time of lack?
Can we be the powerful and peaceful Presence?
Can we trust our inner knowing and go where called?
Can we honor your friends and family by giving our Best?
Can we? Are we willing?

Yes, We Can!
We are here to give.
We are here to live.
We are here to remember.
We are here to awaken.
We are here to create.
We are here to celebrate.
We are here to enjoy.
We are here to be happy.
We are here to return to wholeness.
We are here to heal what is not real.
We are here to trust our inner knowing.
We are here to free ourselves from false teachings.
We are here to remember the infinite and unlimited.
We are here to choose what is good for all.
We are here to forgive and erase what is untrue.
We are here to wash away our mistakes, mis-creations and misgivings.
We are here to stand up in confidence and love and live what is Good.
We are here to be healed, whole and Holy.

We can, because……
We are in this together.
We are loving reminders for one another.
There is nothing we cannot do with Love to guide us.
We can, because we believe we can.
We are willing, because it is our calling.
And together, we will heal and awaken and remember.

Loving all of us as One,
Betty Lue

Remember the happy, curious, naturally loving child still lives inside you and everyone, no matter how unhappy, depressed and fearful they may appear. See everyone with love, appreciation and open-mindedness. They may surprise you!