Friday, December 30, 2005

Mistakes are Human

"To err is human. To forgive, Divine."

Join not with me in justifying or denying our human mistakes.
But rather see them as earthly learning and exploration.
To 'mis-take' is to perceive falsely or inaccurately.
To justify our "missed perception" is to err again.
I ask you only to clear my errors with your forgiveness.

Often we join with others and "humanize" our learning.
We attach to the "bell curve by acknowledging…"We all do that."
What if we would instantly see the blessing?
What if we collectively forgive our judgments of the mistake?
What if we undid our attachment to the behavior?
What if we saw it all as exploration?
What if we simply valued the learning?

Forgiveness is Divine, for it is seeing the gift that remains when all else is erased with love.
Forgiveness is the Light that shines away the darkness of judgment.
Forgiveness offers the opportunity to bless all experiences in life.
Forgiveness allows me to receive the Abundance of Love in all that is.

Forgive me my errors.
Bless our learning together.
For you are truly Divine.

Someone asked T'ou-tzu, "How is it when there is no mistake moment to moment?"
T'ou-tzu said, "Bragging."

Loving and blessing our learning together,
Betty Lue

Written from Me to me to understand more of how we agree, defend and even exalt others' limitations and errors.