Monday, December 26, 2005

Gratitude for Giving

The opportunity to give Love and Joy are a great gift to me.
As I forgive, so I am forgiven.
As I offer healing, so I am healed.
As I perceive your wholeness, so I know my own.
As I honor your holiness, so I am honoring my holy Self.
What I give I receive.
For all that I give is given to my One Self.
Our One Self is our True Self, the perfect Son/Daughter of Goodness and God.

Love created us loving.
Holiness created us holy.
Goodness created us good.
The Almighty created us unlimited in Power and Peace.

While it seems impossible that limited, lacking and lowly human beings could be all this,
We are this and more, when we have washed away our judgments, fears and doubts.

It is through living, loving and giving that we come to recognize the amazing gifts with we have. Our Creator and Source, the Power and Presence within us, has given us all we need and more.

We need only love ourselves enough to receive the Greatness and use is wisely.
We need only forgive ourselves of the past limitations and self-limiting thoughts, words and deeds.
We need only honor our source as Infinite and we will awaken to the infinite within us.
We need only be grateful for the learning and the letting go to come to know "All is Well."

I awaken everyday to the opportunity to forgive yesterday and choose again this day, this moment.
I imagine each day where I want to go, what I want to give and to whom.
I envision each day consciously how I choose to think and act and what I want to say.
I am creating my life day by day through what I choose to give.

All that I give is given to myself.
Only I can deny myself anything.
With or without worldly resources, there is always enough to answer any request.
I need withhold nothing. I need not be careful. I need only give all I am given.
What I need is given through me.
Giving is the path of enlightenment.
It is in fully giving that we realize the fullness of the Gift we are.

Loving you fully,
Betty Lue

Here is a holy unlimited gift of Love, just giving by doing nothing. You are the same. A child of pure Love, here to simply Love.