Monday, November 28, 2005

What Do You See?

When we are filled with peace and love and joy, we see beauty, compassion, healing and unity.
When we are filled with conflict, fear, and frustration, we see ugliness, judgment, pain and separation.
What we see is a product of what is in our minds.
What we see can be seen differently with attitudinal healing.
What we see is transformed by the renewal of our thinking.

Forgiving our judgments and fears frees us to see things new.
Forgiving our past frees us to create new opportunities in the present.
Forgiving ourselves frees us to believe in our Goodness, Wholeness and Love.
Forgiving everything frees us to see the Light and live in Love.

The teaching of spiritual leadership (warriorship) teach gentleness and compassion through harmony, beauty and balance in the mind, in our environment and in our wishes for our world.
Putting beauty, order and harmony in the body (healthy nutrition), in the mind (inspiring and positive media, thoughts and words), in the environment (order in work, home and affairs) strengthens us.
Erasing , releasing and forgiving all that is not for the Good of All from body, mind and environment undoes the limiting and cloudy filters from our seeing.

When we are free of fear, we can see beauty and goodness, faith and love, everywhere.
When we are at peace, we see the unity and perfection of all life.
When we are in gratitude, we know all is well in the midst of change.
When we are in joy, we celebrate the Great Mystery and everyday miracles.
When we are in love, we feel whole and happy and free.

Awakening to see what really is…always,
Betty Lue