Monday, November 21, 2005

Look Deeper

To respect another is to look again deeper than the superficial judgments of sensory perception.
Listen deeper than the words being shared.
Feel deeper than the defended personal issues.
See beyond the personality and the egoic learned games and limiting beliefs.

To look again is to see the goodness, wholeness and beauty in each one.
To respect another is to see beyond their behavior and emotionality to the Love within.
To really see another is to see their heart and what really matters to them.

To listen deeper requires listening the the calling of their heart.
To really hear another is to interpret the words to find the inner meaning.
To really understand another's communication is to step into their life view.

To feel deeper than surface feelings, limited perceptions and painful attitudes requires Love.
To feel another's caring and Love, one must desire to deeply and profoundly love, respect and honor.
To feel empathy asks of us that we own and value truly accepting and loving ourselves and our feelings.

To see beyond the behaviors of another, we must be willing to trust their desire to Love and be loved.
To perceive rightly is to see with the heart.
To really heal another we must see and know their wholeness and Holiness.

When I listen to you, I hear the calling of your heart.
When I feel your emotions, I feel the longing of your soul.
When I see you, I see the beauty and goodness of the divine.

Know each one is a babe, new and innocent, here to give love and live from their Essence.
Know you are a gift to be given and received in a world longing for connection and Love.
Know Life is a choice where we are all learning and earning our wings to fly free.

Loving you as I am loving me,
Betty Lue

I love You, All Who are calling to be loved.
Even when I forget I am loving You.
Even when I am busy, I am hearing You.
Even when I am unconscious, I am feeling You.
Even when I appear to be separate, I am One with You.
Even though we have not yet met, I am here with You.