Friday, November 18, 2005

Feeding My Body

I have watched my addiction to feeding my personality, body, thoughts and humanness grow.
It seems that when I forget to say "No" to any little thing that does not bless and benefit me,
I let go of my desire to serve only God and God.

One dessert leads to another, "It's OK."
One slip of unconsciousness leads to another.
One falsehood leads to another.
One moment of procrastination leads to another.
One second of envy leads to another.
One stepping back when a need is seen leads to another.
One ounce of hesitation before doing what is being called for leads to another.

The ego calls us to:
"Wait and see."
"Leave it to someone else to do."
"One voice will accomplish nothing."
"No one will know."
"Just this one time is OK."
"If it feels good, do it."
"It’s your life so do what you want."

A promise made to oneself must not be broken, because it erodes self trust and confidence.
A promise made to God must not be broken because it creates guilt and feelings of unworthiness.
A promise made to a loved one must not be broken because it causes fear of disapproval and separation.
Make promises you intend to keep. If broken, confess, forgive yourself and choose again immediately.

Remember life is a gift of Goodness and Love.
Our body is a vehicle for doing Good and offering Love.
Our mind is an instrument of forgiveness and healing useful to fulfill promises to create Peace and Joy.
Our personality is our learned way to project the gifts we are here to give and receive.

To honor the Giver of Life we must offer our promise to use the gift of Life with wisdom and Love.
May it be so for you and me.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
PS I am cleaning up what I feed my body, beginning NOW. Wanna join me?