Tuesday, November 08, 2005


To live by your highest spiritual principles in all relationships builds families.
To treat your family members as you do your best friends builds trust.
To speak with kindness and courtesy to everyone renews respect.
To honor your word and keep your promises inspires confidence.

Many give their family members their leftovers and hand-me-downs.
When we are tired, sick or unhappy, it is often those closest who reap the disregard.
Many give their family financial security and things, but forget emotional security and love.
When we serve the bills and not the love, we get lost, confused and consumed with stress.

How you honor your mate, your parents and your children creates your own destiny.
When you give your best to others and your least to those at home, everyone loses.
Learning to renew yourself before you greet your mate and children will increase their happiness.
Respecting their needs as much or more than your own wins their loyalty and support.

When there is friction, schisms and problems, dwell not on the negativity, but look for the Good.
When there is a sore, don't keep picking on it, but rise up and feed the health.
When you find yourself caught in a conflict between those fighting, step back and offer warmth and light.
When you are in a fearful state and don't know the solution, simply acknowledge your caring.

With your authenticity, your love will be received.
With your honesty, your apology will be noted.
With your declared intention to find a better way, others will reflect and respond.
With your renewed choices to give your best to all, others will respect your forgiveness and generosity.

It always serves the giver to give.
All that I give is given to myself.
Forgiveness is the key to happiness.
The price of forgiveness is giving up defensiveness and resentment.

Respecting all of us in our intention to teach only LOVE,
Betty Lue