Friday, November 04, 2005

All Children

All children belong to all of us.
All children are our future.
All children come from the same loving creator/parent.
All children deserve to be loved equally.
All children are all our responsibility.
All children long to belong.
All children seek to love and be loved.
All children need a safe, warm and nurturing place to thrive.
All children need positive happy healthy role models.
All children are full of wonder, curiosity and delight.
All children are hungry to learn and grow, to contribute and enjoy.
All children need opportunities to create what works for them uniquely.
All children are our teachers.
All of us are children.

In a very real sense we are novices, beginners.
Every moment there is new information, adventures and possibilities open for us.
In our hearts we can feel and know the higher Truth.
In our minds we prefer to find more Light and life, more freedom and trust.
In our lives we seek to live in harmony with peace and freedom.
In our work we long to be productive, creative, inspired and valued.
In our homes we want safety and comfort, recreation and renewal.
All of us want the essential needs of food, water, clothing and shelter without fear of disaster or lack.
All of us deserve to have educational and recreational opportunities which expand and inspire us.
All of us prefer to be included, appreciated and wanted.

How do you feel when someone lights up when you come into the room?
How do you feel when you are received with a warm welcome and openness?
How do you feel when you are validated and appreciated?
How do you feel when someone seeks the pleasure of your company? (asks for a "playdate")
How do you feel when someone hugs you when you are sad and listens when you are mad?
How do you feel when someone prepares your special foods you love?
How do you feel when someone admires your creations and good work?

How do you treat the children in your life?
How do you treat your inner child?
How do you treat the child in the grownup's body?
How do you treat the grownup wisdom in the child's body?
How do your expectations and judgments interfere with loving others, big or little, right where they are?
How do you treat those who come into your life, intimately or casually?
Can you be as conscious with those in family relationships as those in casual relationship?
Does everyone get your very best, no matter who they are?

Loving you all equally,
Betty Lue

(See below the Love and joy, the peace and power that is exuded from all who are totally loved.)
You too can feel this way. Everything is possible for those who Love!! And are Loved!!

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Secret transformative power: Love works.
When you truly love others as you want to be loved,
you see only positive results.

Love does not judge.

Love does not quit.

ve does not need. Love does not expect.
Love Loves all equally for the sake o
f loving.

When you stay fully present with what is happening right now,
Life can truly be fun, safe and easy. Try it and you will see.