Monday, October 24, 2005

Seventh Inning Stretch?

Am I stopped to rest, renew and reintegrate?
Am I sabotaging myself with doubt and confusion?
Am I waiting until the fog clears or the dust settles?
Am I reevaluating my choices and best direction?

In life, you may have noticed that everything seems to change continuously.
If where we were headed no longer seems viable, it may be valuable to stop and reconsider.
If we have been sitting down on the job, resting on our "laurels" , we may need to get up and stretch.
If we have relied on past information and old maps, we may need to check out the new turns in the road.

Whenever there is a delay, distraction or disappointment, it is a blessed opportunity to stand up.
Whenever there is a problem, interference or roadblock, it is a time to clarify, choose and recommit.
Whenever there is an illness, upset, or disagreement, it is a chance to release mistaken beliefs.
By giving all things to God and to Goodness, forgiveness erases, light comes and the way appears.

I pause. I forgive. I listen. I invite. I seek. I find. I affirm. I choose. I commit.

Life is my teacher.
I am a willing student.
When I am unhappy and confused, I stop and look around.
Love and gratitude clear my mind.
Beauty and Goodness will I find.
Life is my playing field.
I choose the game I play.
I choose my teammates.
I choose my coaches, my rules and my goals.
I choose my discipline to practice and prepare.
I choose my game attitude and experience.
I am a winner in life when I let the game be a game.
Win or lose matters only for the fun.
What really matters is how I feel, when the game is done.

I appreciate learning from the game of life,
Betty Lue