Monday, September 12, 2005

Rest in Love

To rest in fear causes stress and contraction.
To rest in love creates relaxation and expansion.

To terrorize ourselves fearing tragedy and disaster will shut down our capacity for creativity and Love.
To focus on what awful has happened or could happen generates defensiveness, separation and Fear.
To imagine what could happen in the future diminishes our potential for creative problem solving.
To seek creative solutions for what is happening with open-mindedness and appreciation expands.

The prayer we seek in times of disaster and family turmoil is to remember to trust.
To find peace within, rather than fixing blame on God, Government or people, opens understanding.
The peace of a quiet mind and a trusting heart is creative, expansive, generous, honest and responsive.
To rest in the Love and Goodness that lives in you allows us all to give more and to feel hope and faith.

When you want to experience healing, rest in Love.
When you need to find answers, relax in silence.
When you seek to understand, listen within in peace.
When you are called to respond, ask, "What is best for me to say or do right now?"

When we are upset, angry, afraid, hurting, lost or confused, we are calling for this Love I speak of.
When we are conflicted, seeking, ill or out of balance, we need to regain our center.
When we are complaining or judging, doubting and suspicious, we want to reclaim our inner Peace.
When we are lonely, discouraged and feel separate, we need to stop, look within and listen.

There is a friend living within you. This friend, higher Self, soul Self, Spirit Guided, Inner Teacher is there for you. However, if you are unwilling to free yourself from the distractions of outer authority and demands, you cannot hear and will not respond.

Spend time forgiving yourself for forgetting about the Inner Truth.
And forgive yourself for remembering to hold grudges and hurts as your earplugs from inner listening. Take time to stop and listen.
Take time to stop and love you.
Take time to be alone with your True Self.
Take time to hear and respond to what is given in quiet.

Rest in the Love that lives in you.
Protect that rest by loving You and All.

Loving you,
Betty Lue