Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Gift of Peace

When in conflict, seek peace.
When in an argument, walk away and cool off.
When in doubt, be quiet.
When upset, breathe deep.
When blaming, practice forgiveness.
When judging, be open-minded.
When critical, choose to appreciate.
When at war, offer mediation.
When withholding, speak clearly one time.
When scared, choose to trust in the Highest Power.
When lost, look for the High Way.
When feeling separate, find similarities.
When lonely, reach out with Love.
When busy and tired, stop to rest and enjoy.
When angry, let go of being right and righteous.

Remember, everyone see through their own filters.
Remember, perceptions are colored by emotion not fact.
Remember, there is not one right way.
Remember, first extend peace, then you will understand.
Remember, love will prevail after all is said and done.
Remember it is up to the most conscious one present to bring peace and healing.
Remember, you are the most conscious one in every situation and relationship.
Remember life works when you do the inner work.
Remember, laughter dissolves fear and melts anger.
Remember to come closer when you feel separate.
Remember to create a safe non-judgmental space where others can share their fears and their truth.
Remember to offer peace in times of struggle and strife.
Remember, inspiration and insight come to a quiet mind.
Remember to give yourself "time out's" when you forget and lose it.
Remember, forgiving yourself for forgetting to Love is the only real forgivenss.
Remember, teach Love not fear.
Remember, you are a messenger of Good news and Peaceful Reminders.

At peace during turbulent times,
Betty Lue