Sunday, July 17, 2005

When Things Aren't Working

When life isn't working for you, you are being called to wakeup, forgive yourself and choose again.
Any and every upset is a wakeup call.

What doesn't work tells us we are off purpose in our thinking, our speaking or our living.
When we choose, we often get attached to our choice rather than be open to the highest and best choice.
When we don't choose, we have made a choice anyway to let outside forces choose for us or to wait.
When we are unhappy, in conflict or fear, we have stepped away from the happy path of peace and love.

It is easy to blame someone else.
It is easy to blame the world.
It is easy to blame Higher Power.
It is easy to blame fate, the weather, your body or the stars.
And then you are stuck, a victim and unable to effect a positive change.
When you blame, you lose energy.
When you blame, you lose freedom.
When you blame, you lose power.
When you blame, you lose creativity.
When you blame, you lose response ability.
When you blame, you lose.
When you blame, life becomes difficult.

It is far more effective to take full responsibility.
It is more powerful to know you can make changes.
It is easier to consult only with yourself.
It is more fun to explore creative solutions.
It is more helpful to ask for support once you choose for the Highest Good.
It is more likely to succeed when you know what your goal is and assess your options.
It is faster to see things differently and choose again.
It is more efficient to own our choices and make changes to respond to changing times.

I see that my life isn't working.
I know I cannot know what is best.
I consult with the Inner Teacher within to choose what would be a better choice.
I listen, trust and follow the Guidance I hear, feel and know.
I forgive my past mistakes.
I release, make amends and complete unfinished business.
I ask for support.
I am grateful that all Good is given me.

When life is not working, you may be on the wrong road, or holding an unloving attitude, or choosing harmful goals or just not learning to stop, look and listen within.
When life is not working, stop and see where you are.
When life is not working, look at what you have chosen and what you have experienced.
When life is not working, ask for clarity in what you want to experience.
When life is not working, support yourself with beneficial attitudes, imagery, environment and people.
When life isn't working thank yourself for seeing it is not highest and best for you and choose again.

I support you in being able and willing to respond by supporting yourself in what works for you.
Betty Lue