Thursday, July 28, 2005

Seeing things Differently

"I have been taught that everyone should look at life through my glasses and see things my way. Is this a correct concept of control and how do I “let go” of my past learning?"
From a faithful reader.

When we want to be "right",
When we are attached to our viewpoint,
When we are afraid of being out of control,
When we don't know what alternatives exist,
When we fear losing and looking bad,
When we really believe we know what is best for others,
We get attached and fixated on our position.

Life is a process of learning when and how to let go with ease and grace, appreciation and love.
"Letting go is fun, safe and easy" may be easy to say, but difficult to embrace as a philosophy.

When we let go we can be happy.
When we let go, we can see another's position.
When we let go, we come to peace.
When we let go, we can understand.
When we let go, we can listen within.
When we let go, we are open to the Highest good.
When we let go, we can learn to trust life.

What is the difference between giving up, denial, surrender and depression?
Giving up is who cares...I quit.
Denial will be OK, so I will just move on.
Surrender is...I trust that Higher Power is in charge and my best interests will be served.
Depression anger does no good anyway, so I will hold my negativity inside.

When do we let go?

Spirit, Help me to see this differently so that I may come to peace.
What can I do to bring this situation to rest?
"Take time to listen and forgive, let go and forgive, love and forgive.
Remember to show up and pay attention.
Remember to tell the highest truth you know.
Remember to give what will be received.
Remember to honor the highest good of all.
And then let go.
Put it all in the hands of God, the heart of God, the mind of God.
Yes, in this world there is a time to say "Stop, no more destruction, no more war, no more unconsciousness.
The work of the Enlighted master is to wake up the masses, not to correct them.
The work of the Enlightened One is to stay awake and trust in the learning value.
The work of the Enlightened Being is to not shrink away or join, not coddle or crucify.
The work of the enlightened One is to bless all beings, to awaken all beings and to remind all Beings.
So it is. Do your work.
Thank you for listening and living what you know, feel and hear from within."

Loving you and all,
Betty Lue