Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Moon Changes

Have you noticed changes in emotions, energy and inner vision during moon phases?
The body is primarily water.
Emotions are the water element.
Emotions flow and change like water.
The pull of the moon on water creates internal experiences.
Like the tides change with the moon phases, so our emotions and energy change.

You may have noticed changes in emotional volatility, changes in driving patterns and traffic,
changes in sleep needs, changes in creativity and inspiration, changes in weather, changes in spiritual focus.
Some researchers claim there is no evidence that illness, accidents, births and mental breakdowns are greater during the full moon days.
Those who are in health care identify more emergency room visits, more urgent calls from clients and patients, more activity in hospitals.
In retail businesses and public service there may be more complaining, confusion and chaos.

More importantly, you may have felt changes within yourself, different with each full moon.
Consider that there is an intensification of whatever is your current state.
There may seem to be an exaggeration of fatigue, sorrow, depression, anger or creative energy and joy.
It is my observation that the full moon simply intensifies and expands what is within, so it will be seen.
We can override our emotional and physical state.
The gravitational pull of the moon and its increased light seems to reflect back to us what we must notice with a helpful and healing response.
I encourage myself and all of us to pay attention to what is, respond with respect and kindness and seek the highest truth within.

There are no worries, when we know we are not our bodies. We are not our emotions.
"We are free. Our Essence and Truth remains constant as the Unlimited Love We Are."

Loving you and enjoying the ride in life,
Betty Lue