Thursday, June 09, 2005

Wakeup Calls

Every illness is a wakeup call.
Every upset is a wakeup call.
Every disaster is a wakeup call.
Whatever is not wholly loving, peaceful and happy is a wakeup call.

To get rid of the apparent problem with a short term quick fix will not hear the call.
To take a pill or numb oneself with sleep, analgesics or avoidance will not heed the call.
To find a temporary solutions for the upset to reoccur will not be a healing response.
It is essential that we remember all upsets are "past similars" to be recognized and healed.

Past similars are experiences we have had before and have stored in our cellular memory.
Past similars are emotions that have gotten stuck because of being denied, feared and not expressed.
Past similars are physiological feelings that were not respected and responded to with compassion.
Past similars are unhappy moments from childhood covered with layers of repression and compensation.

To respond to our past with healing is to stop, look and listen within.
To respond to our past with respect is to listen with our most compassionate heart to the child within.
To respond to our past with forgiveness is to forgive ourselves for shutting down our light and lovingness.
To respond to our past with love is to see what was and no it no longer is.
To respond to our past with light is to be with what is now with peace and love and gratitude.

To look on all things with love, appreciation and open-mindedness opens the door to a return to wholeness.
In our defenselessness our safety lies.
The more we defend, the more we are attacked.
Our self protection yields worldly reflection of all we defend against.

When can I let go and totally love no matter what?
When I am defenseless and vulnerable and open to only Love, no matter what.
When can I be assured that my love will be returned?
When I know I am both giver and receiver of the Love I Am.
When can I trust that I will not be abandoned, rejected or excluded?
When I cease abandoning, rejecting or excluding anyone for any reason, including myself.
When am I healed?
When I see only wholeness, goodness, beauty and Love.

Yes there is work for each one of us to do, to bring the enlightenment of all humanity.
Yes, the work you do today heals countless beings everywhere, because you have chosen to heal you.
Wherever any one of us chooses to heal fear and remember Love, we have give all beings a great gift.
You are a healer, one who is bringing all to greater realization of Love, through your good works now.

Loving you and me endlessly,
Betty Lue