Sunday, June 12, 2005

Return to Innocence

Do you remember innocence?

Have you trusted in basic Goodness?
Have you believed in love?
Have you allowed yourself to forgive others' mistakes?
Have you been as unconditional as a happy dog?
Have you trusted in being happy?
Have you played like a child?
Have you delighted in the natural miracles of nature?
Have you breathed in the joy of being alive?
Have you looked at yourself with a grin and said, "I just Love You!"?
Have you laughed out loud at some silly thought or behavior?
Have you taken your blunders lightly?
Have you released past misery and suffering?
Have you focused on the next "fun" thing to do?
Have you made plans to take an awesome vacation?
Have you eaten your favorite food without guilt?
Have you just laid back and fully enjoyed doing nothing?
Have you woken up happy as a clam about being right where you are?
Have you reached out and just hugged someone for no reason?
Have you skipped when you could walk?
Have you danced alone to music you love?
Have you pampered yourself by treating yourself to whatever is your favorite?
Have you saved your change for a special treat?
Have you worn the old clothes you love just because they feel good?
Have you stayed in your PJ's all day?
Have you watched all those G rated movies that have happy endings?
Have you been touched when you see people loving each other?
Have you written a poem or a song, just because you felt like it?
Have you remembered your innocence?

I am always loving you and everyone.
Betty Lue