Sunday, June 26, 2005


When your world seems to be lacking respect for itself,
it is a call to improve the quality of respect you give yourself.

The more you love and respect yourself, the more others will learn to love and respect you, respect themselves and respect others.
How you live is your teaching for all the Universe.

So I ask myself:
What are the ways in which I have been lazy or lacking in self respect?
What are the ways in which I have allowed the world to change me?
How have I compromised my values and relaxed living what matters to me?

I live in a place which has slowed energy.
I associate with people who expect very little of me.
I no longer remove my shoes when entering my own home.
I have been eating sugar and other foods which are not healthy for me.
I have stuck energy in my body and mind with subsequent weight gain.
I am not creating at the highest level I am aware.
I have been worrying about some family matters.
I have grown lazy in daily spiritual practice.
I dress in a less than professional and inspiring way.
We are not usually eating our meals at the table expressing a blessing of gratitude.
I think about worldly matters rather than only about inspiration and contribution.
I am fascinated by individual craziness rather than focused on the lifestyle of the Masters.
I sometimes spend money on nonessential items.
I agree to do things to take care of others rather than serve what is best for me.
There is more I am sure.

I excuse these "slips" in consciousness because there are so many areas in which I am living with respect.
My home, relationships, contributions and self care mentally, physically and spiritually are all excellent.
However, when I know what I have let go, I see why I do not treat myself with perfect respect.
I can see my world slowing down, making excuses and forgetting to love and serve impeccably.

What can I do to return to the level of respect for my Self and others and my world that teaches?
I can transform my lifestyle with conscious freedom of choice.
I can begin to re-establish my right place in my world with how I see, treat and believe in myself.
I can choose to live the sacred life that is highest and best for me.
When I love myself well, I naturally know how to love others well.
I can surround myself with those who encourage the very best in me.
I can live and give impeccably to everyone.
I can stop softening my conscious awareness and speak the truth I see.
I can give myself permission to love and live impeccably, even though I am very different.
I can ingest the best and forget the rest.
I can love honor and obey only the Highest calling and voice of Spirit within.
I can take time daily to listen for the high quality of messages we are all given (if we would but listen.)
I can give gratitude for every opportunity to remember and live with respect.

As I write this reminder, I am reminded that respect means "to look again, to see things differently."
I am taking another closer look at my life and choosing to do my spiritual Spring cleaning.
I am choosing to love, honor and obey the highest Truth within me.
I am choosing to love, respect and lead myself impeccably.

I am loving you, as I love me.
Let us expect greatness from ourselves.
Betty Lue